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Instagram Makes Age Verification Process Mandatory For Everyone

Here are the things you need to know.
Last year, the Meta-owned photo-sharing app announced that age verification will be mandatory for users.
Now, the feature seems to have been rolled out.
A Twitter user shared a screenshot of the photo-sharing app which says ''add your birthday''.
The users also claims that if you are entering your wrong date of birth, Instagram will block your account.
Users will now get pop-up from Instagram which asks for their birth date if they haven't provided birthday by a certain point.
The step is aimed to protect younger people in our community, mainly to prevent the kids below the age of 13 to access the app.
If someone gives the wrong date of birth, the technology will recognise it. And the users will get a menu of options to verify their age.
Earlier, Instagram was planning to bring a dedicated Instagram app for kids, but the company paused the project and decided to move forward with parental supervision tools for teens.