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ISRO SSLV Mission Fails Despite Successful Launch

Where Did It Go Wrong? Here are the details.
Abhishek Joshi
ISRO launched its maiden small satellite launch vehicle or SSLV carrying Earth-observing satellites.
This mission didn't go as planned. The satellites were placed in an elliptical orbit instead of a circular one.
The premier space organization of India announced that the Earth observation satellites were 'no longer usable'.
SSLV-D1 placed the satellites into 356 km x 76 km elliptical orbit instead of 356 km circular orbit.
The SSLV was carrying two satellites on board, which was the EOS-02 or Earth Observing Satellite-02 and the AzaadiSAT developed by students.
The problem was first spotted on the SSLV's terminal stage, called the velocity trimming module (VTM).
Despite the failed launch mission, ISRO is already gearing up for the next launch.