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Kodak Magnetic Wireless Chargers

Kodak Magnetic Wireless Chargers For iPhone 12, iPhone 13 Launched In India
The popular camera brand Kodak has released two wireless chargers for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series in India.
Kodak Magnetic Wireless chargers are available in two models, Car WCM101C and WCM201.
Both models of the Kodak Magnetic Wireless charger feature an intelligent charging chip with 15W charging support.
You can place your iPhone in any orientation as the wireless charger flaunts a full-circle rotating ball mount.
The new Kodak wireless charger features a flat body with neodymium magnets around the edges to ensure a grip-like hold on the iPhone.
The new Kodak Magnetic Wireless charger is currently limited to India and can be bought on Amazon and Flipkart at Rs. 2,499.
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