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Minecraft Preview: What Is It?

Release Date, New Features, and More
Minecraft Preview is the expansion of Bedrock’s Beta program to the additional platforms. Betas are currently limited to Xbox, Windows, and Android.
What is Minecraft Preview?
Minecraft Preview is also a separate app/game that can be played without impacting your standard Bedrock experience, and it will let you test out the latest features.
With Minecraft Preview you can play both on the same device or console.
Moving from Beta version to Preview : How is Different?
On iOS, you can opt into Minecraft Preview by going to a specific URL and signing up. Spots are limited but will open intermittently.
On Xbox and Windows, Minecraft Preview will be given for free to anyone who owns the Bedrock version of Minecraft. It will automatically show up in Games & Apps library as a new item that is ready to install
Minecraft Preview is sure to be released later in 2022 on
iOS and Windows 10/11.