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Engine Bleed Halts NASA Artemis 1 Launch

Rocket engine issues halted the launch of the Artemis 1 Space Launch System. Here's what happened.
Abhishek Joshi
NASA announced the halt of Artemis 1 SLS carrying the Orion spacecraft on Monday due to rocket engine issues.
The liftoff didn't take place because one of the four RS-25 engines couldn’t attain proper temperature.
NASA communications specialist Rachel Kraft said, “The Artemis I launch director halted the attempt to launch on Monday at 8:34am EDT [6:04pm IST].”
"We are stressing and testing this rocket and the spacecraft in a way that you would never do it with a human crew onboard. That's the purpose of a test flight," explained NASA Administrator Bill Nelson.
Despite this snafu, NASA is considering backup launch dates on September 2 and September 5.