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NASA Artemis 1 Moon Mission Flight Set For August

NASA Artemis 1 Moon mission finally has a launch date after many delays and snags.
Abhishek Joshi
The uncrewed test for the Artemis mission around the Moon is scheduled for late August depending on the repairs and last-minute tweaks.
NASA announced the uncrewed test flight around the Moon is scheduled between August 29 and September 5.
However, this isn't an agency confirmation, said Jim Free, NASA's associate administrator of exploration systems.
The premier space agency will announce a fixed date for the uncrewed test a week before the actual liftoff.
Several multiple factors need addressing before the first uncrewed flight for the Artemis 1 mission can take off.
This includes setting up the Artemis 1 stack of the Space Launch System, Orion capsule, and more.
The Artemis 1 mission recently underwent the wet dress rehearsal that was 'deemed good enough' for the next stage of testing before the actual flight with astronauts.