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NASA To Study Lunar Samples After 50 Years

NASA has several ambitious missions lined up and studying previous samples could help the Artemis mission.
The astronauts of Apollo 1 collected various rocks and dust from the Moon but NASA didn't have the technology to examine them.
Now, 50 years later, NASA is studying the lunar samples.
The several lunar samples. Some of them were studied right away and few others were placed at museums and science centers.
NASA also placed some of them in deep freeze to preserve any traces of gases or water or even organic materials on them.
The research of the old lunar rocks and dust have been opened the doors to a better understanding of the lunar surface.
"Our work allows us to use noble gases, such as argon, helium, neon, and xenon, to measure the duration a sample has been exposed to cosmic rays, and this can help us understand the history of that sample," said Natalie Curran principal investigator for the Mid Atlantic Noble Gas Research Lab at Goddard.
NASA has several upcoming missions lined up, including the ambitious Artemis mission to the Moon.
NASA also plans to set up a large base on the lunar surface, which will further aid in lifting off to send astronauts to Mars.