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No Flagships From Nokia

HMD Global says that they are no longer in the race of making flagship smartphones
In the recent events HMD Global made the tough choice of stepping down from manufacturing flagship smartphones
HMD Global exhaust itself trying to launch smartphones in every price segment
Adam Ferguson, HMD’s Global Head of Product Marketing said
 “Making an $800 phone doesn’t make sense for us at the moment.”
The company tried to get back to the flagship segment with the launch of Nokia Pureview 9 back in 2019
Nokia Pureview 9 was not well received and all that came after was rumours and delays about the sequel.
No other Nokia flagships came after 
Entry-level and mid-range smartphones as well as feature phones are in the focus for HMD Global as for now.
HMD has plans to be  market leader for pre-paid smartphones in the US by the end of this year
HMD Global wants Nokia phones to be known for durability, multi-day battery life and affordable price tag