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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Gets Google Assistant Support

The South Korean tech giant's newsroom website has officially announced Google Assistant support for the Galaxy Watch 4.
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 smartwatch has finally received support for the Google Assistant
The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 users can download Google Assistant on their devices by going to their wearable's Play Store app.
As of now, Google Assistant for the Watch 4 is available in 10 countries including Korea, the USA, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, France, Germany, Canada, Ireland, and the UK.
There's no word when Samsung will be releasing the same for the Watch 4 in India at the moment.
Google Assistant will allow the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series users to perform all of the usual Assistant functions.
Earlier, the Watch 4 series only offered the brand's in-house Bixby assistant.
The users will need to remap the Google Assistant to the home button by going to Settings > Advanced feature > Customize keys > Press and hold.