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Skyroot Launches Vikram-S Rocket Successfully

Skyroot Aerospace became India's first private company to launch rocket Vikram-S into space
Abhishek Joshi
The successful launch demonstrates the private sector's debut into India's space programme
The Vikram-S rocket launched from the sounding rocket complex of the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota
The rocket sent three client payloads into orbit, reaching an altitude of over 90 kilometres
All mission parameters were met by the launch vehicles, paving the way for the corporation to launch the Vikram-I rocket next year
The Vikram rocket is being developed in three variants by the corporation
Pawan Kumar Chandana, Co-Founder, Skyroot Aerospace, after the launch said,"We made history today by launching India’s first private rocket. It is a symbol of new India, and just the ‘Prarambh’ of a great future."