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The Coolest Headphone Of 2022 With Built-In Air Purifier

Dyson Zone Is probably the coolest headphone with built-in air purifier and a futuristic design
Dyson has come up with a new headphone, a unique headphone, which can now blow fresh air directly to your face, and it's called Dyson Zone
The mask part of the air filter part of the Dyson Zone can be easily detached or attached, depending on the user's requirement.
The removal part of the Dyson Zone headphone is called "Vizor".
The Vizor pulls air from the earcups of the headphone and then processes it via two-staged air purification, which includes the use of electrostatic media to attract small particles in the air.
The headphone parts of the Dyson Zone, it is equipped with neodymium magnets and is said to offer 40 hours of music playback on a single charge
Attaching the Vizor air purifier accessory will heavily affect the battery life of the Dyson Zone headphone
At minimum purification settings, the headphone will deliver 4.5hours of battery life, and at maximum purification settings, the headphone can last for 1.5hours