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Total Lunar Eclipse 2022

Here are the details on how and when to watch the first lunar eclipse of the year.
The first Total Lunar Eclipse of this year is all set to leave its mark on May 15 to 16.
In the total lunar eclipse, the Moon will fall completely within the darkest part of the Earth's shadow, which is called umbra.
When To Watch Total Lunar Eclipse ?
The Total Lunar Eclipse will begin at 7:02 am IST on May 16 while the Partial Eclipse will begin at 7:57 AM IST.
The totality phase of the eclipse will debut at 8:59 AM and will end at end at 10:23 AM
The eclipse will come to an end at 12:20 PM.
How To Watch Total Lunar Eclipse Live Stream?
NASA will broadcast the live stream of this celestial event.
You can watch the live stream from here.