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What Happens To Your Old, Discarded Computers, Smartphones?

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Smartphones and laptops are among the highly sought-after gadgets.
Smartphone brands release software and security updates to last only a few years, forcing users to make the switch to the new model.
We simply throw away our old phones and laptops. Sometimes we might even segregate it as part of the e-waste collection.
According to the global
e-waste monitor 2022, the world produced 53.6 metric megatons of e-waste in 2019. Out of which, only 17 percent was collected and recycled. The rest generally end up in dumping yards, causing a lot of damage to the soil and the environment as a whole.
What Can You Do About Your Old Computer or Phone?
When you send your old computer or phone for recycling, multiple materials on it are separated and turned into resources for newly manufactured equipment.
Several tech companies are working towards a greener initiative.
Apple, for instance, has now begun to remove charging adapters from its iPhone boxes and Samsung has followed suit. This has further helped in reducing e-waste, generating smaller box sizes, and much more.