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Why Tesla Might Never Make Smartphones?

Here is everything you need to know.
Abhishek Joshi
Since the company has previously launched smartphone accessories, assuming a smartphone as its next move is pretty obvious.
Several speculations pointed out that Tesla’s smartphone will be dubbed “Pi Phone.”
Besides, the phone is said to feature night-vision cameras and the ability to mine cryptocurrencies.
There were rumors about the Tesla phone’s launch this year, but those were mostly results of unofficial mockups and rumors going around on social media platforms.
Musk, in a tweet, Tesla is “definitely not” actively focused on building a smartphone.
He also referred to smartphones as “yesterday’s technology.” Instead of making smartphones, Musk hinted that he thinks of Neuralink as “The future.”
Musk has big plans for his company Neuralink, which will develop implants for brains to enable people to control machinery using their thoughts.