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Why WhatsApp Will Delete Your Account And How To Save It?

We've explained all reasons why WhatsApp could delete your account and steps to prevent that from happening.
Billions of Indian use WhatsApp for messaging, paying, and even to communicate with businesses. However, there are times when WhatsApp could ban or delete your account.
Why WhatsApp Will Delete Your Account?
1. Inactive WhatsApp Account
2. Using WhatsApp Plus or WhatsApp GB
3. Spam Messaging
4. Blocked By Others
5. Spreading Fake News
6. Sending Virus, Malware
7. Creating Unauthorized Accounts
Avoid using third-party apps like WhatsApp GB or WhatsApp Plus. Never send viruses, malware, spam, or fake news on WhatsApp. Avoid getting blocked by others and use WhatsApp to message people in your contacts. If you follow this, your WhatsApp account won't be deleted.