5 Benefits of having a 1TB SD Card

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Recently, SanDisk unveiled the world's first 1TB SD card leaving behind the company's 512GB SD card, which was launched around two years ago.

5 Benefits of having a 1TB SD Card

To recall, there were times, not long ago, where owning a 128MB SD card was a rare phenomenon for the high price tag it comes with. But, things have changed since then, thanks to the advancements in nanotechnology.

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By now, you must've been wondering why anyone would ever need a 1TB SD card? Well, allow us to explain.

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Store unlimited photos and multimedia files

If you're a travel photographer (or a photographer in general), it makes perfect sense for you to own a 1TB SD card. And the reasons are obvious, you'd be able to hoard almost-unlimited photos and other important multimedia files.

More storage space for hoarding 4K videos

4K video recording is going to be mainstream very soon, and to record 4K videos you need huge amounts (we are talking in GBs here) of storage space. Also, you'd need large amounts of data for virtual reality applications, 360-degree video, and a few other emerging technologies.

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Compact and highly portable

Their compact design is the icing on the cake. It's so small that you can simply carry a 1TB SD card in your pockets. Now, doesn't that sound cool?

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Unlike hard drives, the SD cards won't rely on an external power source, so it's unlikely that your data would go corrupt.

One card, multiple devices

Be it smartphones, Laptops, Cameras or whatever, you just name it, all of these devices support the SD card.

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