5 Key Mistakes To Avoid When Buying MicroSD Card

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Memory cards are used in all the devices nowadays, be it smartphone, digital camera, tablet or Mp3 players. Knowing the demand, even the cheap companies started manufacturing the memory card which sometimes won't even work, might be a costly or bad performance.

5 Key Mistakes To Avoid When Buying MicroSD Card

But not all SD cards are created equal - there are different speed classes, physical sizes, and capacities to consider. On the other sides, Memory cards are good little investments when it comes to protecting information and providing better performance on the Android or Windows smartphones.

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However, selecting a memory card for your device is not so tough, but there are certain criteria you need to follow to enhance your system performance. Today we have compiled 5 simple steps to avoid when buying your next MicroSD card.

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Size of the memory card

Size matter!

Talking about the MicroSD card, it comes in three formats -- SD, SDHC, and SDXC. These three memory cards have different compatibility and won't work on all slots. In terms of difference:
MicroSD: It has a capacity up to 2GB of storage and can be used in any slots
MicroSDHC: It starts from 2GB till 32GB of storage.
MicroSDXC: It has the capacity starting from 32GB to 2TB and will be supported only in SDXC

Choosing the speed

Class 10 is faster!

MicroSD card comes in different classes - Class 2, 4, 6 and 10. These numbers are the minimum rate at which these card transfer files. There are two UHS (Ultra High Speed) classes, but they are more expensive and meant for professional use.

For example: Class 2 card will read and write 2MB/s, while the class 6 will read and write at 6MB/s.


Buying non compatible can back fire!

Right card serves well!

When you are buying a card, you need to pick the right one according to your purpose. Sometimes you won't find the benefits of the premium card with large memory and faster speed until and unless it is meant for that purpose.

The premium cards will be useful only when you transfer large amount of files (transferring 4K videos from the your GoPro or smartphones), otherwise it can be avoided.

Buying duplicates happen often!

Always prefer ru

You can easily buy a fake or duplicate memory card from a non-reputable seller. Further, the memory card maker SanDisk engineer reported that,one third of all SanDisk branded cards were fakes. When you are in doubt of fake memory cards, there are some tricks to know it. You can find the fake one using SD insight on Android devices and by using H2testw on PC

Avoid cheaper stuffs

Brand speaks!

We all have experienced the moment, where the MicroSD card fails suddenly. In order to avoid this, always prefer the branded one even if its bit costly. With that you can expect more reliability, better performance and robustness.

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