MacBook Selfie Stick is for Real: Here are 5 things to know for Apple Fanboys!

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A MacBook selfie Stick sounds incredibly dumb at first. A Smartphone selfie stick is all that we all heard of, but there is also a MacBook Selfie Stick! The MacBook selfie stick takes Selfie's as you attach the Selfie Stick to the MacBook.An iPhone selfie stick is all fine, but MacBook Selfie Stick !!

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A bunch of crazy people have developed the MacBook Selfie Stick that can be used with a MacBook to take Selfies. The MacBook Selfie Stick is brought to you by the same people who bought the original concept of Netflix and Chill. The MacBook Selfie Stick is yet to be made commercially available in the market. The creators of the MacBook Selfie Stick have released the photo op that they made using the MacBook Selfie Stick!

Take a look at the new crazy MacBook Selfie Stick !


Take Selfies anywhere, not just on your desk. 


It sounds crazy at first but it's cool to replicate the smartphone selfie concept.


Yes, the crazy things are actually awesome.


The Selfie Stick looks like a replica of a Smartphone selfie, but it actually holds a Macbook.


Since its not a Smartphone Selfie, your Selfies will look Big on a MacBook in comparison with the screen of your Smartphone.

Photo Courtesy: MacBook SELFIE STICK

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