How to Wisely Make a Choice While Buying In-Ear Earphones: 6 Points to Note

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Purchasing earphones these days is not a big task considering the fact there are a plethora of options available over the internet. In my nascent stages, I wasn't sure on what type of earphones to purchase and which brand to purchase.

 How to Wisely Make a Choice While Buying In-Ear Earphones: 6 Points

Having said that, am a huge fan of over-the-ear headphones, especially the Bose QC25 for its noise cancellation capabilities. At the same time, I love some of the in-ear monitors from manufacturers such as BrainWavz, SoundMagic, etc.

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In-Ear Monitors have their own speciality when compared to over-the-ear headphones. This guide is a speciality for people who are struggling to purchase in-ear earphones. Have a look at the slides below.

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Driver Types

The most important thing to look after when purchasing an in-ear earphone. In terms of driver types, there aren't many types available for in-ear monitors. Basically, the driver types available are Dynamic drivers and Balanced Armature Drivers.

The Dynamic Drivers produce punchy bass and the Balanced Armature Drivers can be seen in most of the in-ear monitors. So, it's always better to go with the Balanced Drivers unless you're a bass lover.


Most of the IEM's have a normal impedance range of between 16-32 ohms which produce better amplication. Most of the Balanced Armature Drivers produce the high-end response.

As said earlier, all of the IEM's arrive with the standard impedance range, but some of them might have higher impedance for better response and they are specially designed for bass lovers.

Magnets Employed

The sound staging absolutely depends on the magnets used in the IEM. That said, a powerful Neodymium driver will produce deep bass and the soundstage differs on the fact on which driver your IEM uses.

Frequency Range

Frequency range, however, depends on the choice of the IEM. A better frequency range achieves better sound staging. The mids and treble depend on the frequency range. Better frequency ranges achieve flat response.

Ear Tips

Personally, am a huge of Foam Tips, which won't allow the sound to leak by. There are other tips such as Silicone and Rubber. The Silicone tips are the durable ones and stay for a longer tenure. The Rubber tips are cheap ones available over the market.

I personally recommend purchasing the Foam Tips as they are durable and won't let the sound leak. In this case, BrainWavz wins the battle as the company bundles free Foam tips with their products.

Tangle-free cable

Lately, some of the earphone manufacturers started using the Flat cables which are tangle free. Flat cables aren't flimsy and they look good too. There are many IEM's available over the market which tangles easily and the easy solution is to look after the flat cable IEM's.

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