8 Weird Smartphone Chargers You've Not Seen Before!

By Abhinaya Prabhu

    You can imagine how frustrating it would be if your phone's battery is dying and there's no power outlet anywhere in sight.

    8 Weird Smartphone Chargers You've Not Seen Before!

    This situation might come during camping or enjoying a great adventure and you can't even take a selfie or share it with anyone.

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    To help you in that situation, there are some alternatives to the conventional phone chargers that can make use of an electric source to charge your smartphone. Well, there are renewable energy sources or different types of chargers that are unique.

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    Swirl through the devices below to keep a check on the unique smartphone chargers that are available.

    Leather Jacket Charger

    Dutch designer Pauline van Dongen recently released an experimental line of clothes that harnesses the power of the sun to charge small gadgets like your phone. There are no functional bells and whistles, but electrical wire is woven through the garments and connects laser-engraved neoprene with leather.

    Joe's Jeans' #Hello

    Joe's Jeans is a California-based fashion brand that has come up with a pair of jeans called #Hello. This one features a hidden pocket to house a slim battery and a power cord to charge the iPhones. It offers a stylish and sleek way to charge your iPhone and stay connected while you are on the go. It is priced at $189 (approx. Rs. 12,500) and an additional $49 (approx. Rs. 3,000) for the custom battery.

    Solar Jacket Charger

    The solar jacket charger is a simple yet an innovative concept. The jacket consists of 4 solar panels at its back to store solar energy when you are out in the sun. This solar jacket charger is a great portable charging device which can be used anytime anywhere.

    SolePower Ensoles

    According to SolePower Ensoles, it has come up with a pair of shoes that is claimed to render 2.5 hours of charge to your smartphone with a one-hour walk. The insoles are designed to fit inside the daily wear shoes. The embedded mechanical system will generate the electricity.

    HP Powerup Backpack

    The new HP Powerup Backpack is a new backpack charger that is too smart as it comes with an inbuilt heat sensor that will monitor the temperature and adjust itself automatically. This backpack has a capacious 22,400 mAh battery that can charge laptops, tablets and smartphones quickly. It is priced at $199.99 (approx. Rs 13,000).

    ECOXPOWER pedal powered charger

    ECOXPOWER pedal-powered charger can be Mounted on the front wheel of any bicycle and it provides a full-sized USB port that lets you charge your phone. In addition, a 1W LED is installed and it acts as a headlight as well. A 700 mAh battery is built. It is priced at $100 (approx. Rs. 6,000).

    Sound Charge T-Shirt

    Orange UK has come up with a t-shirt that can generate electricity to charge your smartphone. It is wired up with an inbuilt sound to current converter, a cell phone power dock, and a battery as well.

    Orange Power Pump

    With the help of a standard airbed foot pump, the Orange Power Pump generates enough power to charge a cell phone. Electricity is produced by the turbine, which is rotated from the air flow generated by the pump. It is portable, lightweight, and should fit in your backpack easily.

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