Here are 9 Hot Gadgets that got Launched at the Rio Olympics 2016

    Rio Olympics 2016 has debuted and it is evident that there will be no shortage of tech at the event this time. Several companies have launched gadgets of different types to help the athletes train themselves and stay fit.

    Here are 9 Hot Gadgets that got Launched at the Rio Olympics 2016

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    Well, the gadgets that have been debuted at the Olympics 2016 range from heads-up display used by cyclists to the jump trackers that are worn by the players of the volleyball team.

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    This year, at the Rio Olympics 2016, we have seen game-changing gadgets that were unveiled by the companies. Take a look at these from the slider below.

    Smart cycling glasses

    The U.S. cyclists are seen wearing Solos smart glasses that is a type of Google Glass that is meant for the athletes. The glasses have a tiny heads-up display showing metrics such as pace, distance, heart rate, and cadence. The information appears in real-time so that the cyclists know if they are heading at the projected pace. These glasses have in-built headphones and the battery life is around six hours. The frame is of the military standard and it is designed to be wind-resistant. It is made by safety-rated Trivex polymer that assures protection and clarity.

    Athletes can get joint and muscle therapy too

    The gymnastics team members of U.S. can be seen using the Infrared Light Therapy device that was developed by LumiWave to treat minor joint and muscle pain. The device has eight pods that will beam infrared light into the body tissues. This will help in increasing the blood flow and offering temporary pain relief.

    Jump tracker

    With the advancement of tech, wearables offer analytics data in order to help athletes train themselves. The Vert Wearable Jump Monitor can be clipped onto the clothing of the athlete so that the person can track on how high, far, and often other players jump. The app gets the data and it helps the coaches to make sure the athletes don't strain themselves too much as it can lead to injury. It will be useful for the basketball, volleyball and other athletes.

    Smart thermometer

    There is a concern about the Zika virus, so Kinsa has donated a Smart Stick thermometer for the athletes to use. The temperatures are recorded in a mobile app that will also keep a track of the head data and symptoms. The app also comes with the social networking ability so that the athletes can keep a check on how their team mates are doing.

    Nike’s cool Cooling Hood

    The Cooling Hood from Nike will cover the face, head, and neck of the athletes and its inner layers have the ability to store cool water. There is a frame around the eyes in order to ensure that there is a secure fit and it keeps the cold portions close to the face of the athlete to ensure effective cooling and faster recovery between tournaments.

    Smart headphones

    Halo Sport is a pair of headphones that will send pulse of energy to the wearers' brain to enhance the response to training. It is a form of neuropriming that enables the motor cortex to send strong signals to the muscles to help the athletes perform better and get faster results.


    Hykso is gadget that is worn inside the glove and it counts how many punches are thrown and gives details such as type (jab, cross, left or right power), time, strike intensity, and speed. It uses a 3-axis accelerometer and gyroscope that will record these metrics and the app will helps the coach asses the technique and attacking strategy of the boxers.

    WHOOP Strap 2.0

    This is a wristband that will monitor and record the wearer's heart rate, motion, ambient temperature, sleep patterns, and other metrics. There is a companion app that will convert the raw data into analytical suggestions about when the athlete needs rest and warn the person about strain and bring a change in the person's diet to reduce the chances of injury and enhance the recovery times.

    NFC Visa Payment ring

    Visa s one of the official service providers at the Olympics. It has introduced the Visa Payment Ring that will be the first ever NFC-enabled wearable. Around 45 athletes around the world are roped in the pilot program and they will sport this jewel on their fingers. It will let them make purchases by just tapping it at any of the NFC-enabled payment terminals that are set up by Visa. It uses a secure microchip that has an embedded NFC antenna that lets contact-less payment abilities. There is no battery in the device and it is water-resistant up to 50 m.

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