Check Out What Your iPhone Case Says About Your Personality

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What does your iPhone case actually say about you? To be more precise, what does it say about your personality? Perhaps, you might have never thought about the same.

Check Out What Your iPhone Case Says About Your Personality

Actually, if you take a close look at the patterns, lines, and colors, you might notice that the case definitely relates to your personality.

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Your iPhone holds your personal information such as identity, sensitive information, and secrets as well. Here, we have come up with a list of 20 iPhone cases and the personality of the user as well.

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Illuminated Cell Phone Case

This is for those who cannot resist clicking selfies. It will glow giving a better selfie that is flawless.

Try Illuminated Cell Phone Case from Lumee priced at $50.


Mophie Battery Case

The Mophie Juice Pack Air priced at $100 might suit those iPhone users who demand a lot more from their device.

CandyShell Card Case

The highly responsible kind of iPhone users can carry the wallet type cases that will house even their iDs.

Speck CandyShell Card Case costing $29


Defender Series Case

If you are careless one out there dropping your iPhone more frequently, you can try the cases such as OtterBox's Defender Series Case priced at $45.

Faux Leather Case and Lanyard case

This is for those who admire Hello Kitty. Try Hello Kitty Faux Leather Case and Lanyard case priced at $30.

Vintage Case

The artistic iPhone users can try Vintage Clear Case priced at $15.

Spiderman Silicon Case

The comic fans who love Spiderman can try this case. $4 priced silicon case.

Mickey Mouse

The grown-up child character can try the Mickey Mouse case priced at $3.

Batman case

The Batman fans can try the iPhone cases from $4.

Ice-Cream case

The die-hard ice-cream fans can try Ice-Cream case at $25

Glitter Case

The girly characters who love everything pink can try Liquid Sparkle Glitter Case at $21.

Rabbit Ears Case

This for the ones who loves pets and can't stop talking about animals. Rabbit Ears Silicone Case at $4.

Big Purse Case

Women who love to carry their big purses everywhere can try Dark Purple Royal Indigo Case priced at $30.

Photos Case

If you are deeply obsessed with relationships, you can try the Photo Case for $35.

Lava Case

The ones who want the latest ones of everything can try Lava Lamp Case at $15.


The adventurous type iPhone users can use the FriEQ Universal Waterproof Case Bag priced at $8.


Those who are addicted to YouTube videos, Netflix, and other shows can try a kickstand case. Try i-Blason iPhone 6 Case priced at $17.

Wood case

Want your phone to look good? Try the Native Union CLIC Wood iPhone case priced at $40.

Grip case

The ones who are called 'butterfingers' can try the Speck Products CandyShell Grip Case at $17 with textured pads and rubber grips.

Plain Case

The highly minimalist types who want the iPhone to suit everything can try Tory Burch priced at $20.

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