Listening Music At High Volume Affecting Your Hearing? Yamaha Has A Solution


Yamaha recently launched an extensive range of wireless earphones in India which come with features like active noise cancellation and Listening Care technology, which is designed to offer a richer music listening experience even at lower volume levels.

Listening Music At High Volume Affecting Your Hearing?

Yamaha India shared some details regarding how listening to music at a higher volume can permanently damage the ears and what they are doing to prevent the same. Here are some of the responses that we received from Keegan Paes, Assistant Manager Marketing, Yamaha Music Indian Pvt Ltd.

How different are the Yamaha headphones when compared to other products?

We are the world's leading sound and music brand, we are devoted. To help people to express themselves, progress personally, and come together. Yamaha has been deeply involved with artists and knows that the more people spend in contact with music the more likely they are to have hearing loss problems.

WHO warned in 2019 that 1.1 billion people nearly half of the world's young people aged 12-35 are at the risk of developing hearing loss, it has established international standards for safe sound levels that do not lead to hearing impairment of 80db for adults and 75db for children up to 40 hours a week.

The human ears hear differently depending on the volume, when you listen to music at a low volume the bass lacks power, and the treble is hard to hear. Therefore to listen to music comfortably the volume setting is increased by people, listening care focus on these auditory characteristics and according.

As a company that places the development of music culture at the forefront of its business activities, it is very significant that Yamaha has come up with a solution to this problem. Across all Yamaha headphones, we have Listening care to prevent people from turning up the volume to too high and take care of your hearing so that you can enjoy music without worry for many years to come.


Yamaha earphones correct the sound balance according to the volume intelligently and optimize audio frequencies to assist your long-term listening health.

Pointers To Note

  • By 2050, the WHO estimates more than 700 million people globally will experience profound hearing loss.
  • 1 out of 2 young people are at risk of hearing loss due to unsafe listening.
  • Once you lose your hearing, it won't come back.
  • Over time listening to loud sounds for a prolonged duration can lead to hearing loss, which cannot be treated by medicines or surgery.
Listening Music At High Volume Affecting Your Hearing?

What goes into while turning the Yamaha neckbands?

All our products are built on the promise of true sound which comprises three pillars -- tonal balance, dynamics, and sound image. When done right this sound can express the thoughts of the artist and moves the emotion of the listener and we at Yamaha Music call it closer to the artist's experience.

Any plans to release affordable neckbands in the future?

We will evaluate the market and decide.

Are Yamaha branded earphones made in India, if not, is there a plan to make them here in the future?

Yamaha Earphones are not made in India at the moment, we do have a factory in Chennai that make keyboards, guitars, and PA speakers for domestic and overseas markets.

What consumer tech products can we expect from Yamaha in the coming days?

Look forward to an exciting range of headphones, earphones, home theatre products, and HiFi.

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