10 things you didn't know your iPhone headphones could do

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The iPhone headphones are as special lot. You can do so many things by just pressing the button of your iPhone's headphones. You can carry out several tasks like playing with the buttons on your iPhone earphones or headphones.

Clicking the center button, you can do several things. Surprisingly you can do end number of things with the buttons on the ear phone. Here are 10 things you can do using the buttons on your iPhone headphones.

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Replay the song

Rewind Music

Click on Center Button three times and hold it to rewind Music you are playing.

Hello and Hello

Juggle multiple calls

If you are speaking to someone and are interrupted by a call, you can click and hold the center button to put your current call on hold and answer the second one.

Say Bye

Hang up

You can click the center button while you are on a call. In this way you can hang up from the existing call.

Fast Forward the song

Fast forward through a song

If you are listening to Song, you can double click and hold the button and you can fast forward through the song.

Say Hello

Answer a phone call

If you are listening to a song, you can click on the center button and answer a phone call that you are receiving.

Take a Selfie or a photo

Take a photo

Open the camera app and press the button to click a photograph.

Play a Song or Video

Play and pause media

You can play and pause media with just the press of the same button.

Hey Siri

Activate Siri

Press and hold the center button for two seconds to activate Siri.

Cut the Call

Ignore a call

Hold the center button for about two seconds to ignore a second caller and stay on the line with your existing call.

Play that song

Switch between Songs

Click the center button three times to start a song over or go back to the previous song.

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