10 Whatsapp Hoax messages and Scams to avoid

    Whatsapp is one of the most popularly used messaging services. It has close to a billion people who are using the service. The service is today widely used and is available on all platforms including Android, iOS and Windows. It is also available for Desktops and on Chrome Browser.Given the nature and popularity of the service, the service is available to all users.

    Being the most widely used messaging services of the world, it is bound to have several hoaxes and scams. Whatsapp is one platform where several hoax messages have been circulated. Rumors are abuzz here more than any other social media platform or messaging service. We look at 10 different Whatsapp hoax messages one must certainly avoid.

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    Whatsapp Never Sends you a Message

    Whatsapp officially states on its blog that it does not send a message to anyone and does not contact its users.

    Whatsapp Never asks for Bank Account details

    Whatsapp never asks for bank account information including details of any Debit or Credit cards. Any person asking you for details like account, or ATM / Debit card details via Whatsapp is trying to cheat you.Never share any details of your ATM / Debit card with anyone.

    Whatsapp never extends Free subscription to Anyone

    Previously several users received messages that Whatsapp would become free if they forward a particular message to their friends. However, Whatsapp charges its users annually. Now that Whatsapp has become free and no longer charges its users, such hoax messages claiming to give users free subscription are ruled out. 

    Activate Whatsapp Calling

    Whatsapp messages to activate Calling feature is one thing that had been doing the rounds. However, this is a fake message. Now, Whatsapp's calling feature also is free and users can call one another from within the app.

    Example of a Hoax message on Whatsapp

    This is a example of a hoax message. It is often easy to spot a Hoax message though you must not get fooled into believing it.

    Image Courtesy : Quickheal

    Your Account will be suspended

    Whatsapp will not suspend your account without any reason. Whatsapp will only suspend an Account only if someone had been sending Hoax messages or if if Whattsapp has reason to believe so.

    You are going to Win a Lottery !!

    Whatsapp messages promising that you will win a Lottery are a complete Hoax. These are chain messages doing the rounds.There is no such thing.

    Whatsapp is going to charge you for messages

    Whatsapp is not going to charge you individually for messages. Previous to being available for free, Whatsapp charged its users about $1 per year, which too is now free.

    Whatsapp is shutting Down

    Whatsapp is not really shutting down. With close to a billion users, its hard to believe the Messaging service will shut down.

    Install only Original Version of Whatspp

    Always install only original version of the Whatsapp app from the Google Play Store or from other platforms. Avoid installing Whatsapp from third party sources, which is can be unsafe. It is best to install the app from trusted source like the original platform.

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