VR Madness: Why this technology is great for gamers in India

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Virtual reality is getting a lot of limelight on social media feeds. Facebook has been on a roll to promote their Oculus Rift VR headset that aims to wow gamers with special titles that come specifically for the device.

And in a country like India where multiplayer gaming has spread like a virus, the Oculus Rift could usher in a new experience for desi gamers who are looking to get the touch of realism.

Let's take a look at 5 reasons the VR headset is cool for every hardcore gamer.

5 cool reasons for gamers to buy VR headsets

Realism, unspoiled

Virtual reality is way different from your regular 7D movies. It actually puts you in the shoes of your gaming character, giving the kind realism that could cause adrenaline to rush through your system while playing a first-person action shooter or it could lead to worse experiences during a horror game.

5 cool reasons for gamers to buy VR headsets

Easy connectivity

The VR headsets have been designed to be easily setup with both gaming consoles as well as PCs. The multitudes of gaming centers in our country may soon have VR headsets of their own to conduct mano-a-mano matches. Imagine Counter Strike in VR! Oh, the fun we would have!!

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5 cool reasons for gamers to buy VR headsets

Games for VR

There are many developers out there who are getting ready to get their special games out to the public for their VR headsets. One of the prime developers is EVE Online. Their VR title Valkyrie has taken the existing EVE Online gamers on a high to buy many of the VR headsets on the market.

5 cool reasons for gamers to buy VR headsets

Immersive movies

VR headsets are not just limited to gaming. You can still enjoy your favorite movies in great quality. Samsung and Lenovo have made their VR headsets for their smartphones too. So it is already a good sign that your smartphone is VR ready.

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5 cool reasons for gamers to buy VR headsets

Future proof

With Facebook ready to take its 360° videos available to even VR headsets, the technology is actually bound to be part of our future. Any panorama shots that are taken and uploaded to the social media platform can now be viewed with the headsets.

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