STM Wireless Power Bank Review: Don’t Go By The Name


Wireless charging technology has been gaining momentum with the increasing number of smartphones providing wireless charging support. Now, most of the premium flagship smartphones have wireless charging and soon, even mid-range smartphones could feature the technology. I recently used the STM wireless power bank to fuel up my iPhone XR.



STM Wireless Power Bank Review

STM Wireless Power Bank

At first, the wireless charging technology was very appealing and exciting to use. But just like every gadget, the STM wireless power bank also has its pros and cons. On the surface, charging your smartphone without any wires dangling is easy to carry around and operate. But there are some downsides, which I've elaborated in this detailed review.



Battery capacity: 10,000mAh
1 X Type-C Port
2 X Type-A Ports
Weight: 225g

STM Wireless Power Bank: Design, Feel

STM Wireless Power Bank: Design, Feel

The STM wireless power bank is compatible with Samsung, iPhone, and other Qi-enabled smartphones. The power bank is rectangular shaped to fit the size of the smartphone. It doesn't feel too heavy to hold and has a good grip. When I kept my iPhone XR for wireless charging, I found it was easy to operate - be it texting, browsing, and other such activities. However, it was too heavy to answer calls (and it's advised not to pick calls while the phone is charging).

The STM wireless power bank features a power button on the side along with four LED indicators. The top three blue LED lights indicate the remaining battery, which keeps declining as the battery drains. The last LED indicator is green to indicate that the power bank is switched on. While charging, the blue LED indicators blink alternatively as the battery powers up.

The biggest plus point of the wireless power bank is the suction cups on the top surface. Once the smartphone is placed on the suction cups, it sticks to the power bank with a strong grip. However, it's advised that one doesn't hold the power bank with the smartphone facing directly downwards as it might fall. The smartphone begins wireless charging once the power button is pressed.

Battery Performance: Needs Improvements

Battery Performance: Needs Improvements

There is a short micro USB cable to charge the power bank. It took me four hours to completely fuel it up. Now, coming to the battery performance, I must say - it was a letdown. My iPhone XR took three hours to charge completely with the wireless charging technology. By the time my phone reached 60 percent, the battery's one point was down already.

Moreover, I noticed heating issues with the phone. The suction cups and the entire power bank were spiking the temperature on the phone. On the whole, the power bank took three hours to fully charge. And by the end of it, only a single point of the battery was remaining on the power bank.

In contrast, the power bank functioned better with wired charging. Surprisingly, the power bank was faster when put on wired charging and my phone was fully charged in roughly two hours. Moreover, the power bank had also retained its battery as there was no drop in the LED indicators.

STM Wireless Power Bank: Price

STM Wireless Power Bank: Price

STM (Standard Technical Merchandise) is a company based out of Australia. The box price of the wireless power bank is Rs. 4,799 and is available on online retailing sites including Amazon India. Of course, there are other cheaper and expensive wireless power banks in the market. Take for instance, the Samsung wireless power bank, which also comes with 10,000 mAh battery. It is priced at Rs. 3,499 and offers most of the features the STM wireless power bank does. But it's still hard to judge how long they last or how well they perform.

Should You Buy STM Wireless Power Bank?

I would advise against it. The price is certainly attractive for a wireless charging power bank. Plus, there's an added benefit of wired charging with Type-C as well. However, the overall wireless charging performance isn't all that encouraging as I found it better when wired. So it would mean buying a wired power bank after all for Rs. 4,999. If you're eager to charge with wireless support, it might be better to go for a wireless charging pad, rather than a power bank.

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