Zebronics Max Pro Review: The Mechanical keyboard that clicks

Here is the detailed review of the Zebronics Max Pro, a new mechanical keyboard from the house of Zebronics.


If you are a PC gamer or even a content writer and looking for a great keypad which offers top-notch performance without burning a hole in your pocket? Then, the Zebronics Max Pro is the keyboard that one should consider. It has a great heft, which is one of the signs of a good mechanical keypad. And the price tag of Rs 3,999 is one more reason to consider this mechanical keyboard over the competition.

Zebronics Max Pro Review: The Mechanical keyboard that clicks


Design aesthetics

The Zebronics Max Pro is one of those keyboards, which looks premium from the first sight. The keys look dashing and the layout cannot be better than this. This is a full-sized keypad, which has a 104 blue keys, which includes the dedicated numerical keypad. These keys offer an impressive 55 grams key pressure with 4 mm key travel. Overall, the keyboard looks sturdy and that is what we look for on a mechanical keyboard. The Zebronics Max Pro comes with an 1.8-meter long cable with a gold plated USB A port. The cable has a braided protection, which will preserve the cable from bending, breaking or tangling, thereby making the keyboard more durable compared to a standard keyboard with a normal cable with plastic or rubber casing.

Zebronics Max Pro Review: The Mechanical keyboard that clicks

RGB Lighting

The Zebronics Max Pro offers RGB lightning, which is impressive and works even in well-lit condition. The keyboard comes with 18 pre-defined lighting setup with 5-speed modes with 6 levels of brightness. A user can customise this keyboard according to his/her wish. However, unlike most of the premium keyboards, this keyboard cannot be programmed using a software to change the color of individual keys, which is a bummer. However, a user can manually change the colours of the each keys by entering into configuring mode. The setting which only lights up the ASDW and 1234 keys is one the favourite mode that we ended up using most of the time. Also, the snake-like RGB light motion looks dope, which can also be altered with different colors of light. Additionally, the multi-colour setup gives a mass impression, which will be liked by the younger audience.


The experience

A good mechanical keyboard will improve the user experience of a user in terms of typing and the sound it makes while typing. Additionally, a good mechanical keyboard should also irritate your colleagues (pun intended) and the Zebronics Max Pro did the same. For the time I was using this keyboard to fulfil my typing needs I was getting unwanted attention and I did like it. The keys are easily swappable and one can replace or change the looks and aesthetics without replacing a complete keyboard. The Zebronics Max Pro is an excellent and if we look at the Indian mechanical keyboard market, there aren't much of a competition at this price point.

Zebronics Max Pro Review: The Mechanical keyboard that clicks


The Zebronics Max Pro is one of the best keyboards that one can buy under Rs 5000 price mark. Not only that, it offers a wide set of features, that are usually found on a high-end keyboard like RGB lighting and a braided cable. However, Zebronics Max Pro also lacks in some features, like the individual keys are not programmable via software and the hardware configuration is time consuming. The bottom part of the keyboard is made using plastic, which can easily break if the keyboard falls by accident. The keyboard does not have any sort of liquid protection and even a slight amount of liquid will easily damage the internals, which might make this keyboard unusable. Also, a bit more palm-rest area at the bottom would surely have given an extra edge to this awesome-looking keyboard. So far, the Max Pro has quite a lot to offer given the price-point at which it is being offered at.

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