Apple iOS 9: Five Best And Five Worst Features Of Apple's Latest iOS

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Apple rolled out its latest mobile computing to its iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch lineup. The new iOS 9 brings a long list of new features that some of you might familiar.

The company has rolled out the iOS 9 earlier last week and a report claims that nearly 12.5 percent of Apple devices are already running on the latest OS.

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Apple devices that are capable of running iOS 8 are compatible to update the latest iOS 9. You can check the version of iOS on your device by navigating to Settings >> General and tap on About to check the iOS version.

We have already came up with several post on iOS 9 and its features on GizBot. Now, we have jotted down the best and worst features of the iOS 9. Take a look at the slider below to know more.

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The Best:

Apple introduced the ability to receive calls and send text messages on Mac from iPhone using the same Wi-Fi network. Now, Apple has introduced a new feature in the iOS 9, which allows the call forwarding even on different Wi-Fi network.

For instance, if your iPhone is at home, you will still be able to receive calls and text to your work computer, but the work computer must be Mac and you should be logged in to your iCloud.

Incognito Mode For Photos

The Best:

iOS 9 has the ability to hide specific photos from the iPhone and iPad's photo library. You just need to select photos that you want to hide, then tap the Share button on the bottom-left corner and click on Hide.

iCloud Drive

The Best:

iOS 9 comes with a new app called iCloud Drive, but you will not see it on any of the default homescreen pages. Well, Apple's new iOS comes with a hidden iCloud Drive app. To make it visible on homescreen, navigating to Settings app, tap on iCloud then iCloud Drive and select the option that says "Show on Home Screen".

Mail App

The Best:

Apple has increased the amount of photos you can attach to an email. Further, you can now attach any type of file with the Mail app.

Quick Reply

The Best:

iOS 8 bought a new feature that allows you to quickly reply to text and iMessages from any screen or even while using iOS apps. The functionality to quickly reply has extended in the iOS 9. The latest OS has the ability to send quick reply for apps like Facebook Messenger, Twitter and more.

App Switcher

The Worst:

Apple brought the new app switcher in the iOS 7, which came with useful changes from the previous version. Well the new switcher in the iOS 9 is not worst, it comes with large thumbnails and swiping up to quite are still available in the interface.

Default Apps Are Unremovable

The Worst:

You still can't uninstall unwanted Apple's default apps from the iOS 9 to free up space. Luckily Apple CEO Tim Cook recently hinted, in an interview with BuzzFeed, that users will be able to remove Apple's default iOS apps, but only for some apps.


The Worst:

The iOS 9 is compatible with iPhones starting the iPhone 4S to 6S Plus and the first-generation is not able to install iOS 9. Well, the iPad 4 and iPad Mini (first-gen) can install the new OS but will not get the features like Picture-In-Picture or Slide Over feature. Moreover, the Split View for multiple apps can only used by the company's 2015 iPads.

Slow Speed On Old Device

The Worst:

When, Apple released the iOS 8 last year, many iPhone users complained about the slow speed on the old device. Based on that, iOS 9 might slow down the older iPhone 4S or iPad 2 after update.

Visual Appearance

The Worst:

If you are expecting to get a new visual appearance on the iOS 9, then you might be disappointed. There is no major changes in the visual design, iOS 9 has very much similar visual interface like the iOS 8.

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