Apple Rolls Out iOS 9.0.1 Update: All The Important Features Of The New iOS

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Earlier this week, Apple rolled out its first update to the latest iOS 9, dubbed as iOS 9.0.1. The update came quite sooner than expected, but it's comes with important bug fixes.

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Well, with the new update Apple seems to address the initial iOS 9 problems for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
The new iOS 9.0.1 update is very small, about 20MB in size, but comes with several key bug fixes. If you have updated to the latest iOS 9.0.1 update then you need to know more about the update. Take a look at the slider below to know more.

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Boosts Performance

The iOS 9.0.1 brings update to several versions of the iPhone including, increased in battery life, makes connectivity strong and mainly the device will respond fast with the new update.

Ambient Light

Apple has introduced a new feature called Ambient Light that actually uses the iPhone's proximity and ambient sensors to detect your smartphone position. If your device is lying on a surface down-faced, then the OS ensure not to turn on the light even if your iPhone gets a new notification.

Low power mode

Apple came with a feature called Low Power Mode which helps to consume less power by reducing the synchronization and downloading process. This will reduce the performance of CPU and GPU and turns off the display if the phone is in idle mode for 30 seconds.

Quick reply

The new iOS comes with a new feature called Quick Reply, for the socially active iPhone users. The option allows you to swipe down the display and text the message directly from the home screen.

Back to app

iOS came with a great feature called Back to App, which takes you back to the app with just a single tap after opening any pop-up.

Group Notification

Apple has also introduced a nice feature called Group Notification, which arrange all the incoming notifications grouped by particular apps.

Downgrade option

You just want to trial the iOS 9.0.1 on you iPhone 6 and later downgrade to the iOS 8.4.1 update. Well, Apple allows you to downgrade to previous version of iOS for a limited period of time. This typically happens one to two weeks after the new update is released.

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