Google Unveils New Chrome Desktop Apps For Windows OS: Works Offline

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Although Chrome has a rich HTML supported web apps already available in its Web Store, Google has once again announced its new generation of Chrome apps through a Google Chrome Blog. The new apps act quite like a native applications and they are more like smartphone-style apps, as it looks to transform its browser into an app platform. Thus it is obvious that these apps are targeted to offer more features to the desktop users.

Google Unveils New CHrome Desktop Apps For Windows OS: Works Offline

The best part of the new generation apps, according to Google, is that they can work offline. These apps can work independently without the need to open the Chrome browser. Thus one doesn't have to use Chrome browser to access these apps and can be outside the browser window and launch independently.

These apps can also enable users to access and save documents, photos and videos on their hard drive as well as on cloud storage solutions like Google Drive. The apps will also offer desktop notifications for reminders, updates and other actions. They will also be able to access and interact with the computer's USB port, Bluetooth and other devices connected to the computer, including digital cameras.

The apps will also support desktop notifications and be updated automatically. Google also promises that the apps will "play nice with your connected devices", such as digital cameras and others connected via USB or Bluetooth. Like Google services, they'll sync to any desktop device you sign into, letting you bring your settings and work with you.

Sadly, the new apps are only available for Windows and Chromebook computers at the moment through the Chrome Web Store's "For your desktop" section. However, Google has said that the apps will soon come to Mac and Linux platforms, as well.

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