LastPass: A Native App for Password Management Launched for Mac Users

Written By: A Vamsee

A few days back, LastPass launched it's password manager app specifically for Mac users. Recently, we saw the list of Top 25 worst passwords for 2014, there we mentioned the do's and don't s too. At the same time it is also better to have a password manager to save from the hackers exploitation.

Earlier we've seen a Chrome app from this password management service. As per the requirement and need for the app LastPass came up with a native app specifically for the Mac users now. In a Mashable report, , Joe Siergrist CEO and Co-founder of LastPass said, "Some may prefer not to use the browser, and many Mac users like a more polished local app that runs all the time in a familiar dock."

LastPass: A Native App for Password Management Launched for Mac Users

This native app for password management is filled with lots of features making users to track the different and complex passwords. Some features like Quick-search and instant log-in are popular in this app are quite helpful. Instant log-in is more secure as users don't have to type the passwords every time.

Quick-search feature offers users to search for the passwords and secure information, users can directly type the command (shift+command+L) or they can click on the LastPass menu bar icon to access this search feature.

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LastPass comes with latest tool called "The Security Challenge" which will automatically analyze the password strength. If it finds that the password used is weak and easily guessable, it will generate a new password randomly and replace it. To get most of it, LastPass suggests linking up the native app with the browser extension on Safari.

Last Pass is available in both free and premium version, Premium version costs $12 ( Rs 736 approx) per year which has tech support and multi-factor authentication. You can also find the ad-based free version in the App store or subscribe to the premium version to be more secure.

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