Microsoft Windows 10: Five Best And Five Worst Features Of The Latest Windows OS

    Microsoft Window 10 is out and millions of Windows fans are already using it. The new operating system brings in all new features and better user interface than the previous version of Windows platform.

    The new Windows platform is a combination of the best Windows 8's super fast startup, improved security and Windows 7 familiar and easy to use functionality. T

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    he new OS comes with tons of new features and some features has been removed as well. We came up with the best and worst features of the latest Windows operating system.

    Take a look at the slider below to know more about the hits and misses of the latest Microsoft Windows 10.

    The Best: Virtual Desktops

    Finally, Microsoft has managed to get the virtual desktop to the Windows platform. This feature is one of best thing in the Window 10. To get the virtual desktop, click on the task view button on the taskbar or price Windows + Tab buttons.

    The Best: Notification

    The Windows 10 brings in new Android like notification panel called Action Center. In the previous version of Windows, notification is worthless as it quickly flashes on the right side of the screen and then disappear. But in the Windows 10 the Action Center is quite better. You can see all the notification in the Action Center.

    The Best: Xbox Streaming

    Window 10 finally got some real Xbox integration and you can use it by logging into your Xbox Live account. However, the integration is used to stream Xbox One games locally on your PC. To enable the Xbox, go to Settings >> Preferences >> Allow game streaming.

    The Best: OneDrive Integration

    Windows 10 comes with the OneDrive integration providing free cloud storage. Now, you can easily store files on the cloud storage and can access them from any device with OneDrive app.

    The Best: Fast Boot

    Windows 10 boots and wakes from sleep faster than as it does in the Windows 8.1. The Windows can wake from sleep in SSD-enabled PC in about 2 seconds and book in just 10 seconds.

    The Worst: Start Menu

    Microsoft has finally bring back the Start Menu to the Windows 10, which it infamously removed in Windows 8. However, the new Start Menu is actually more like a miniaturized version of Windows 8's start screen and a list based menu from Windows 7.

    The Worst: Search Box

    The Windows 10 comes with a traditional search box, but on the task bar, which is used to search apps, contents in Windows as well as web. Unfortunately, the search function queries both the Web and Cortana. The search box wastes time by providing results from the Web.

    The Worst: Cortana

    Cortana, Windows 10's new digital assistant, shuffle you off to Bing results pages when you ask for help. Just like the Google Now, Cortana on Windows 10 provides direct answers to some questions with small graphical cards and speaking few words. But, in most cases, Cortana quietly opens Web browser to provide answers.

    The Worst: Two Settings Menu

    The Windows 10 comes with two different settings menu. One the modern UI-based Settings menu and another traditional Control Panel. Microsoft has revamped the new Settings menu that includes detailed controls for notification, networks and apps. But, many core settings are still in the traditional Control Panel.

    The Worst: Pre-Installed Games

    Solitaire, Minesweeper and Heart games that come pre-installed on Windows 7 will be removed after upgrading to the Windows 10. Microsoft has released the newer version of Solitaire and Minesweeper called Microsoft Solitaire Collection and Microsoft Minesweeper.


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