Top 7 New Features Of New OS X Mavericks

By Akash

    Apple has now released the OS X Mavericks update for its line of personal computers. Starting today, the update is available for download free of cost. During its presentation, it went on to take the example of Microsoft, highlighting that the software giant charging consumers $200 for a copy of Windows 8 Pro.

    So does the new OS offer a new radical experience? Well, not really. The changes are much more subtle and have been focused on efficiency. There isn't anything that's very different visually, since most of the changes are feature-focused.


    Experts believe that Apple has kept its changes simple, since it wanted to avoid the mistake that Microsoft made with Windows 8. By bringing in a new interface and kicking out certain traditional aspects of the OS, like the ability to boot straight to Desktop, the the makers of Windows 8 left a large part of their users confused and frustrated.

    According to Apple, the new update will allow for an extra hour of web browsing and around 90 minutes more of iTunes Video playback on MacBooks. It will also allow for a compressed memory, meaning that the technology will compress inactive parts of the system's memory.

    Interested in learning about the top Seven features of the updated OS? Go through the slider below.

    File Tags

    Previously, users were allowed to assign color tags to folders so that they could user color codes to sort their file contents. Say, you had a few files that were a part of your college project, you could color code them yellow to differentiate them from the other files. However,a ccording to the new feature, OS X Mavericks extends that to include user-defined tags. They can be added to folders in Finder, Get Info Windows and other places. These tags can then be displayed in the Finer Sidebar or the in built search facility to quickly display the tagged files.

    New iCloud Keychain

    The new iCloud Keychain app promises to be rather nifty. It has been designed to remember all your passwords, credit card numbers, contact information etc across all your Apple devices. However, they will need to have the latest iOS7 and Mavericks operating system. Since it has all this data, the app will fill forms automatically, making your experience easier. Also, the app will even go on to suggest solid passwords that will be hard to crack. If thatw asn't enough, all passwords are encrypted by 256-bit AES encryption for data security. Apple just made a brilliant app perfect.


    Apple has tweaked its homemade Safari browser to make it faster and learner. The company claims that it will offer faster browsing while consuming lesser power and RAM than previous versions. This will translate into better battery life while browsing, which according to Apple, is an entire hour more. There's also a redesigned Sidebar in the browser. It has three tabs - Bookmarks, Reading List and Shared Links. You might have seen the first two the previous update of the OS, but Shared Links is new. What does it do? Simple. It aggregates all the inks shared by your people and the websites you follow on Twitter in one single pane. There's integration for Twitter built in as well.

    In-notification replies

    We love the new notifications banners. They are useful since they appear when you have new message.. They allow you to have a quick glance at the information without having to stop what you are doing. However, the not-so-nice part is that you're going to have to launch the related app from the banner in case you want to act on the notification.

    Energy Efficient

    Apple claims that despite being faster than its predecessors, the Mavericks operating system is far more power efficient than them. How? Well, it compresses unused memory for faster response time, a feature that's rather novel and radical. It even slows down processing of apps that are you are not currently using or are in the background. The OS groups not-so-important tasks and operations, thereby allowing the CPU to enter into a low-power mode, which will boost battery saving.

    Navigation for iOS

    Apple has added its Maps application, which until now was only seen on iOS, into OS X Mavericks. So if you're looking for an alternative to Google Maps, there you've got one built into your OS. How will it be useful? Let's say you need to go somewhere. You can get driving directions to your destination and send them to you iOS device, so that you can view them on your iOS Maps app later.

    Multiple displays

    Yes, previous version of the OS have supported Multiple displays. However, Apple has done something different this time on. Instead of allowing one display to act as the primary unit and the other as secondary, Mavericks OS allows both screens to have a menu bar.

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