Windows 10 On Smartphones Can Share Apps With Desktop Version

Microsoft is pushing Windows 10 for large devices (8+ inch screens) and small devices (phones and small tablets). Windows 10 is altered as per the experience of users and gives you a feel which wont make your desktop feel too large on your small phone, but many shared interfaces will make things feel familiar to users as they switch between form factors.Developers will be able to create apps that work on a desktop, a phone and even Xbox.

The tile-based launcher remains unchanged, but the Settings menu and the Action Center share their base design with the desktop Windows, which will improve the learning experience for users.

Windows 10 On Smartphones Can Share Apps With Desktop Version

The People app will work across device and will aggregate your contacts. The app will let you quickly start a call (regular or Skype) or message a contact. The upcoming Outlook update will feature Tinder-like swipe functionality - left for delete, right for flag. Meanwhile, composing emails will be handled by Word.

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Windows 10 will come with a rich set of Office apps - Word, Excel and PowerPoint. They have the full capabilities of their desktop counterparts, but can reflow docs so they fit better on the small screen.

Messaging is now more simpler - the default Messages app can handle all Internet-based messaging like Skype, so all messages accross supported services will be in one place (third-party apps need to support it though).

The on-screen keyboard can be moved around to position it more comfortably on phablets. You can also rely on Cortana to transcribe spoken text.

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Maps features Cortana integration and the universal app makes it easy to plan a route on a computer and send it to your phone.

Windows 10 On Smartphones Can Share Apps With Desktop Version

Photos is another universal app. It features OneDrive integration and will sync photos from multiple devices, so you can view your entire photo collection from one place. The app will handle duplicates and burst-shots to avoid clutter and automatically group photos in albums. There's also auto-enhance that handles common issues with photos.

When upgrades are the concern, the Nokia Lumia 1520 has been confirmed, it will get the upgrade. However, Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for Windows Phone 8.1 users during the first year of its availability.

The first release of Windows 10 for phones will be available in February only as a preview program for its users.

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