10 Cool Things You Should Know About Google Allo

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There's no denying the fact that smartphones and apps go hand in hand. We use zillions of apps on a daily basis for different purposes. Instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, and Hike have already become an integral part of our lives.

10 Cool Things You Should Know About Google Allo

Additionally, we use Instagram and Snapchat to share images and give a sneak peak of what we are up to.

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In between all of this, we also use multiple other apps to surf the internet, check out the best restaurants available nearby, and lots of other stuff. What if we can do all of these using a single app?

10 Cool Things You Should Know About Google Allo

In case you're looking for such kind of apps, Google Allo is what you should look at. Google, at the I/O conference this year, showcased a new instant messaging app called Allo. While it may sound just like another messaging app, it's got some pretty cool features up its sleeve.

Here are some interesting features in Allo that are worth checking out.

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In-built Google Assistant

Allo has its own assistant named as Google Assistant to help you in multiple ways. It can be considered as an extension of Google Now. You can ask it to search for flights, restaurants, help you plan for a trip, and a lot more.

Smart Reply

Based on the last message you've received, Allo will offer you some reply suggestions. The app makes use of artificial intelligence to scan your texting pattern and suggests replies. Now, isn't that a cool feature to have?

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Image recognition

In addition to scanning your text messages for a smart reply, Allo also scans images. It can smartly differentiate between multiple objects and suggest you a reply.

Whisper Shout

With this new instant messaging app, you can give add extra emphasis to the messages you intend to send to your friends. Simple slide the send button up to give a ‘shout' effect (increases the size of the text) and slide down the send button to give it a ‘whisper' effect (decrease the size of the text).

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Doodle on images

This is one common feature Allo shares with other messaging apps. It allows you to write or draw on pictures before sending them.

End-to-end encryption

You can choose to send texts in incognito mode in which all of your chats are end-to-end encrypted. Which means, extra security, even Google won't be able to read the texts which are encrypted.

Incognito Mode

Speaking of incognito mode, you can choose to start a private chat by turning the incognito mode on. Even the notifications won't display the content of these messages or the name of the sender.

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Set Messages to disappear

Allo offers a lot in terms of security. In addition to end-to-end encryption and Incognito mode, you can also set messages to disappear after a period of time just like Snapchat (it works differently, though).

More stickers

At times we can't express things with words and fail to find a way to explain them. Stickers can help you during this kind of situations. Additionally, it adds a bit of fun to the messages. Google promises to add more stickers in the future.

Cross-platform support

Google Allo will be available to both Android and iOS users starting from today, i.e September 21. So, what are you waiting for, go download the app from the Play Store and App Store.

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