10 Smart Hacks to get the Most out of your Netflix account!

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Netflix has finally arrived in India. The service made its début in several countries around the world with its exhaustive collection of movies and shows. Netflix also said that it would be soon blocking all VPN's that are used to access content not available in their respective regions. Netflix is available in India starting from a Rs. 500 per month for a single user. Netflix can be accessed from Desktop as well as mobile platforms including Android, IOS and Windows.

We look at 10 different ways to make the most of your Netflix subscription

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Add Rotten Tomatoes ratings to your Netflix

Rotten Tomatoes is a great way to follow up your entertainment on Netflix. The Netflix Enhancement Suite, a plugin for Chrome adds a lot of ratings to the Netflix listings. It provides additional information about your favorite movies. The ratings help choose the movie you want to watch.

Skip the Spoilers

The spoilers and blurbs about a movie can spoil your movie viewing experience. A chrome plugin Flixplus can do the job for you. The Plugin can hide movie-spoiling content from an endless list of movies.

Search from a Niche range of categories

Netflix has a huge sub-category of movies. The exhaustive collection of movies are classified into a sub-category of movies. The Netflix's genre breakdown page can help you with the sub-category of movies. This helps you choose those movies that you might have wanted to watch.

Take a Full subscription

A month of free trial can give you only limited features. However, a proper subscription of Netflix will help you access its unlimited catalog of movies and make the most of it.

Save on Data plan by downgrading your Sream

If you have opted for a Data plan that offers limited Data and want to watch a lot of movies. Then you can reduce the quality of your video playback by selecting Auto or Low. After this, Netflix will identify if you are on a slow Network and optimize the quality of your videos to suit your network connection.

Share your Netflix experiences online

After watching your Netflix movies and TV shows, you can share your views online on social media. This will also help people know about the movie and help them to catch it up later.

Try the most watched shows on Netflix

Try to watch the most watched shows on Netflix. While you may also like a niche range of movies or shows, you can also also try watching the most watched movies and videos.

Kick your friends off your Netflix

Are you sharing your Netflix with your Friends? Chances are they are misusing it and enjoying your subscription more than you do. Change your password and don't let them know. You can also go to Account > Sign out of all devices.

Watch during the off-beat hours

Using your internet connection during peak hours can make your Netflix slow as several people could be using the the internet all at the same time. Try watching on Netflix during off-beat hours. This could be midnight or may during mid-day matinee.

Subtitle appearance

You can customize your Subtitle appearance. While there is a regular font for the appearance of your Subtitles. You can change the Font, color and the size of your subtitles. This also helps make your subtitles more clearer and help you to understand the movies.

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