5 Technology Gadgets That Became Smaller With Time.. For Good!

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When some technologies were first invented, they were big and very huge. They were kept initially only in a lab but today these technologies which occupied a lot of space have become really tiny. Today, however these inventions have gone mainstream and they are being widely and rapidly used.

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We look at 5 inventions that have changed with time and today are really small and tiny from what they really were. These technologies are being rapidly used today and can fit into your pocket or your Bag.

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First computer

The First Computer was the ENIAC and it occupied the entire room. It was very large and was government sponsored. Look at the Computer then and now. The computer could not be even moved.Today, you can carry your laptop in your bag.

Windows Laptop

The Windows Laptop is today the most widely used laptop. With so much development happening both in the Desktop and Laptop Space,the Laptop pictured here is small in comparison to the ENIAC Computer.

Television Set

This is the first Television set, the RCA 630 -TS. The product is the first mass produced television set was widely sold between 1946-47. The television set is larger than most variants today and had a tuner compared to today's remote.


The HD TV pictured below is only a display of what technology has done. With so much entertainment that we have today. The HD TV is a great way of accessing TV, though the first TV set was too large it was the first TV set and pioneered the television at the time.

Cell Phones

Motorola invented the first cell phone. The cell phone was only used initially for testing purpose before Motorola launched its first commercially available handset in the market. The Motorola DynaTAC 8000X was the first cell phone that was commercially sold in the market. You could only make and receive calls. It was not user friendly or portable like the phones today.


Smartphones have completely changed our lives. Starting with iPhone, today we have Android and Windows phones. Smartphones are being used for most things today.Right from searching for information, shopping to applying for jobs.

Hard Disk

The Hard Drive pictured above is a 250MB hard drive that was used to experiment in 1979. The picture is of the Hard Drive is only a Hard drive and not a computer, adding other parts would make it even larger. Today's Hard drives and storage devices can fit into your palm


The 128GB MicroSD card is only at the size of a fingernail. The MicroSD card is used for storing so many things - right from taking back ups, to storing songs and movies. The microSD card is one hell of a accessory.

Pendrives Then

This is the First Pen Drive developed by IBM. It is the IBM DiskOnKey USB drive developed in the year 2000. It had just 8MB of storage capacity and costed a bomb.

Pen Drives Now

The Modern day Pen Drive is so handy. It can carry everything. Right from all the photos you clicked with your friends and family right up to everything that you might have downloaded.

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