10 unique Google apps you may not have heard of

These are the best 10 unique Google Apps you should check out!

By Sujay Hegde

    Android’s Play Store has indisputably offered us many ways to pass our time, tidy our schedule, phones, study and learn, custoamise and keep track of our fitness. While it may seem that Google provides only the platform, few know the purposeful apps it has been releasing from time to time.

    10 unique Google apps you may not have heard of


    This includes a recent app called 'Tez’ that’s unique to India and deals with payment. Venturing only into specific areas, Google is advancing Android to be more customisable and downright friendly. This article discusses ten apps developed by Google that’ll both entertain and help you.


    The interest in Android has always stemmed from launchers and wallpapers, and Google's Wallpapers boasts of an immense collection of images and art, including satellite pictures of Earth. One can turn on a setting to shuffle the wallpapers every day.


    This app lets you scan physical copies of photos and store it on your device. With the help of AI, you can cut the glare, edit it and enhance the image to your preference.

    Google Trips

    Your itinerary planner comes with an offline option. Organize your travel by adding important information. It always suggests you places to visit, things to do based on your location and retrieves transport reservations from Gmail.

    Google Fit

    Some of you will have heard of this. Fit keeps track of your movement - walking, running, being active. This can be linked to any wearable device you own.

    Opinion rewards

    With this, one can earn using just the phone. Answer surveys, become a local guide, and you can earn some credit, using which you can purchase apps, movies, and other Google-related things.

    Files Go

    A file manager, simple as that. Use it to free up space, move your files, share, and delete. Allows you to clear the cache and explore the nooks and crannies of your Android phone.

    Google Keep

    In short, a memo app. But it's nuances are what makes it stand out. Your notes, reminders, lists can be labelled and shared. It has reminders based on time and location. It allows for collaboration as well.


    For the data freaks, this app allows you to monitor and control the flow of mobile data. It'll help you identify apps that use too much and cut short accordingly.

    Google Classroom

    A service that connects teachers, instructors to students and learners. One can stay updated with their assignments, homework and stay organized. Communication is more effective and facilitates finishing homework while you're on the go.

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    Arts and Culture

    Arts and Culture

    A boon for art aficionados. Learn about events and art that pushed our society ahead. Take virtual tours, immerse yourself in vivid details, create a personal collection, and find interesting artworks to see nearby. It also has a VR support.

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