15 Google Chrome shortcuts you definitely need to know about

By Sachin

    Google Chrome helps us a lot in browsing the web. It also gets a lot of our work done due to its fast performance. But there are many more keyboard shortcuts that can not only get your work done faster but can also help you navigate through the browser quickly.

    Here is a list of shortcuts that you can use to navigate through the browser and also get your work done quickly.


    With the 'Home' button, you can scroll to the top of the page that you are browsing. Once done reading through an article, you can instantly head back to the top.

    With the 'End' button, things can be done the other way around. You can skip all of the content to scroll to the bottom of the page.


    Just like anywhere on the desktop and the File Explorers, using 'F5' will refresh the current tab or the page that you are viewing. It works only for a single page will not work for any other tabs that are open in the same browser.

    In order to refresh all the tabs that are open, you need to press 'Alt' and 'F5'.


    To move from one page that you're viewing to the previous page that you had left, 'Alt + Left' and 'Alt + Right' will take you to the previous and next page respectively.

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    Among the thousands of pages we visit every day there are bound to be many of those which we want to bookmark and save to our browsers. Using 'Ctrl + D' will instantly bookmark your web page.


    To search for keywords on any open web page, you can use the 'Ctrl + F' shortcut.


    When it comes to multitasking, we manually open and close a lot of tabs. With 'Ctrl + T' and 'Ctrl + W', you can open and close tabs respectively.

    It always happens on accident that you're browsing a web page and you close the tab without intending to. 'Ctrl + Shift + T' will immediately reopen the tab to the page you were on.


    To see all those downloads and manage them manually, 'Ctrl + J' will quickly open the Downloads Manager.

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    'Ctrl + Shift + N' will start an incognito mode of the browser.


    To clear the cache memory, browser history or saved passwords in the browser, all you need to do is use 'Ctrl + Shift + Delete'.


    The Chrome browser too has its own built-in task manager. Press 'Shift + Escape' to open it.

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