5 Android apps you should uninstall on your smartphone right now

Uninstall these apps right away.

    As we all know, smartphones can perform numerous tasks apart from the basic functionalities of a phone. To execute the various tasks, you need to install a few apps. Undoubtedly, smartphones get obsessed with many apps (sometimes unnecessary ones too) that clutter the precious internal storage capacity and affect the performance and battery life of the phone.

    5 Android apps you should uninstall on your smartphone right now

    If you are facing issues such as slow operating speed, poor performance of smartphone, not so good battery life, etc., then it is time to consider removing some unnecessary apps that you don't use anymore. Clean up your smartphone on a regular basis to keep your smartphone running smoothly without any glitches.

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    Today, we at GizBot, have come up with a list of five such apps that have to be uninstalled from your Android smartphone right away to get a good user experience. Go ahead and check out these from below.

    Battery saving apps

    Several apps are claimed to save the battery power, but these actually have a load of unwanted features in them. Of course, there are some useful battery saving apps available for smartphones, but they are not many in number. Most of the apps in the category are disguised to be useful. If you won't accept this, you need to know that to increase the battery life, the energy demand should be reduced that is possible by taking control of Android. It is not possible to take control of Android without rooting the device.

    Antivirus apps

    Antivirus apps that something that you tend to install on your smartphone soon as you start using it. Keep in mind that the abilities of the antivirus apps are something that Android OS and Play Store can do. Google keeps a check on app the apps and Play Store cwill detect the presence of malware in the app. The antivirus apps are useful only while downloading and installing the APK files outside Play Store. Otherwise, you can delete them without any worries.

    Clean Master app

    It is important to clean your smartphone on a regular basis to boost the performance of the device. The deleted apps might leave some cached data on your device. Some people use apps such as Clean Master to clean the left over data from their device. But, this is not needed. You can remove the same by going to Settings → Storage → Cache Data and clear the same. Even cache can be cleared from Settings → Apps → Downloaded.

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    RAM saving apps

    It is common for applications to run in the background and this will consume the RAM and battery life to a considerable amount even if the device is not in use. You can stop the background apps to boost the memory. Though you close these apps, they tend to restart in some time. There are apps that claim to save the RAM, but these are not needed as the Android OS can manage the RAM usage all by itself, ruling out the necessity for third-party apps for the purpose.

    Bloatware from manufacturer

    Most smartphones come pre-loaded with bloatware that is tough to remove. Not all users will find all these apps useful and consider most such apps as a mere wastage of storage space. Apart from wasting the storage space, these apps also consume a lot of battery life as well. The catch is that the bloatware is not always easy to uninstall. Sometimes, you can just deactivate the apps, meaning the app can no longer be launched and it will disappear from the app drawer as well.


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