5 Best Features: Siri vs. Google Assistant vs. Alexa

By Gizbot Bureau

Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa are currently the three best voice-assisted smart assistants available. Not only can they help you control your smart homes, but they constantly get smarter, answering your questions with greater accuracy.

5 Best Features: Siri vs. Google Assistant vs. Alexa

But which of these smart assistants is most suitable for you. Which of them can answer the most questions and access the greatest number of features? In this article, we compare these smart assistants against five features.

1. Answering Questions

All smart assistants can answer questions with different levels of accuracy. Recently, an investor analysis company called Loup Ventures tested Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant to see how well they can answer questions.

Google Assistant answers 88% of all the questions correctly. Apple Siri answered 75% of all questions. And Alexa answered 72.5% of all questions. As such, Google Assistant is the best at answering questions, but that doesn't automatically make it the best. After all, we also expect our voice assistants to be charming.

Apple Siri can be quite funny and entertaining, a lot more than either Alexa or Google Assistant. Siri can be witty and funny with her response, which is why people often use Siri for regular conversations, testing her sense of humor.

2. Music

Music is one of the biggest determinants for all smart assistants. In fact, their ability to play music is one of the biggest attractions of Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Siri automatically plays music from Apple Music. Alexa automatically plays music from Amazon Music, but it's also compatible with most other music platforms like Spotify, Tidal, YouTube Music, Pandora, and others. And Google Assistant plays the desired music from third-party platforms like YouTube or Spotify.


Amazon Alexa has the greatest degree of compatibility with other music platforms. It supports all major platforms other than Google Play Music. As such, Amazon Alexa has the greatest music capability.

3. Entertainment

When it comes to operating other entertainment devices, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant fare better than Siri. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant can control third-party intermediaries and devices. Furthermore, a greater number of devices have built-in Alexa integration. Compared to them, Siri can only work with other Apple devices like Apple TV, HomePod, or AirPlay speakers.

4. Online Shopping

Online shopping is the ability to shop for products online, using platforms like Amazon or other online stores. As we all know, Amazon is currently the biggest online shopping platform available, and it has most things you could need. Since Alexa is Amazon's innovation, it has a homegrown advantage. Alexa provides the most seamless online shopping experience. Google Assistant is also pretty great at online shopping. However, Siri isn't developed enough to handle orders yet.

5. Communications

Both Google Assistant and Alexa allow you to communicate automatically with people in your contacts, either through email, voice, video, or texts. They're compatible with several third-party platforms. Siri is mostly only compatible with HomePod and other Apple devices, but its capabilities go a lot wider than the others. Siri doesn't just call your contacts or text them, but it also reads out messages to you. Furthermore, Siri is the only voice assistant that can call emergency services. As such, if you exist in an Apple ecosystem, then Siri is the best voice assistant for you.

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