5 Best Location Sharing App That You Can Download on Your Smartphone

Top 5 Location Sharing Apps

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With the quick growth in the technology sector, we can virtually connect with anyone, anywhere in the world and even in space too. As we witness the rise of social media and their features, it is easy now to track our friends and relatives with the help of Internet.

5 Best Location Sharing App That You Can Download on Your Smartphone

We have apps that can keep an eye on friends and family members' whereabouts, and that's a huge relief. Today, we will be looking at the top 5 apps that help you in tracking the live location of your friends and relatives.

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Google Maps

Google has launched this feature recently in its Maps pulled from Google+. Users can access this feature from the navigation drawer on the left. When someone shares their location with you, it appears on the bar at the top of the map. You can just tap there to see their current location. Additionally, you can even leave location sharing on indefinitely as well.

Facebook messenger

Following the suits of Google, Facebook has launched its live location sharing feature on messenger app recently. This feature is now live on both Android and iOS platform. Users can share their real-time position on a map with a group of people or an individual person up to 60 mins (1 hour). In order to access this feature, head on to messenger -> select location -> and share the location to your contacts.

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In case if you want third-party cross-platform apps then Glympse is your best option right now. Along with the location sharing feature, it also has other features that make this app worth installing. With this app, you can control not only what people can see and how long they're able to view it as well.

Life 360

Similar to Find my friends app on iPhone, you can start creating group or circle out of your immediate family members, and then you can create more like friends, office colleagues, and much more. Apart from sharing, you can also message from this app as well.

Yik Yak

In case if you want to share your location as anonymous, the Yik Yak is your option. When you post the location, you have the option to choose to show your exact location and add nickname as well. Also, this app shows you a stream of short anonymous posts from people around your geographic area.

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