5 Facebook Messenger Tricks You Should Know

These 5 interesting Messenger tricks will help to do more than just chatting.

    Like most things in our digital lives, there aren't any manuals for using Facebook Messenger. It is one of the ubiquitous apps that almost everyone uses on a daily basis.

    5 Facebook Messenger Tricks You Should Know

    With every passing day, Facebook and various partner apps are making it even more powerful letting you do dozens of really interesting things directly from Messenger itself. Here we have listed 5 of those.

    1. Make group decision by taking a vote

    How many times can you text on a group to finalize a place or a day for dinner gathering and more? Facebook now lets you conduct polls in Messenger. Tap on 'Polls' when composing a message, or click on More and select Poll. Now, compose the question along with possible answers and press Submit.

    People in the group will be asked to cast vote with their choice. The most popular answer wins. Problem solved!


    2. Send and Receive Secret Messages

    Facebook has rolled out the end-to-end encryption feature on Messenger to protect your conversations from being heard or seen by anyone.

    After initiating a conversation, click on the ‘i' button located on the top right corner of your screen. Here, just select the 'Secret Conversation' option and Voila! Your chat conversations are now secured!


    3. Play Secret Games with Friends

    If your attempts to keep up your conversations on Facebook Messenger aren't working well, a game of football, basketball or chess can do that for you.

    Recent the company has added some secret games, which can kill you time effectively. In our last post, we have shared the secrets to unlock the games.


    4. Save Mobile Data with Data Saver

    Facebook Messenger's Data Saver option enables users to monitor and reduces bandwidth consumption over cellular connections by deactivating the system that automatically downloads photos and videos that they receive.

    This way, users can ensure that they're not eating up through their monthly data unnecessarily. Facebook Messenger will also keep a track on how much data users have saved using the feature.

    5. Make Payment for Online Purchases with Facebook Messenger

    When it comes to pay for an activity, Messenger can help you out. Type a phrase like, "You owe me Rs. 250 for the split check," and Messenger will take you to a payment page. To avail this, both parties need to have a debit card saved in Messenger.


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