5 Incredible Apps to Autodelete Unwanted WhatsApp Images

As a WhatsApp user, you must have received those irritating forwarded images or quotes. Many times they come from our close relatives or acquaintances whom we can't block. So the option that left is mute the contact for some time.

5 Incredible Apps to Autodelete Unwanted WhatsApp Images

But do you think that stops the constantly incoming forwarded images? No. It gets auto-saved in your phone and eats up the precious space on your phone. So what you can do is to delete all those junk images in bulk. But in that case, there might be some images which are useful for you.

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Therefore, to solve your this problem we at Gizbot bring you 5 applications that intelligently analyze your WhatsApp images, selects the junk images and autodeletes them.

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Siftr Magic

Developed by an Indian startup, Siftr Magic provides AI-powered incredible image recognition platform. It finds spam photos automatically from your phones and helps you get rid of all the junk photos, screen shots, memes, video screenshots from WhatsApp with no effort.

The app is free to install but you can only auto-delete a limited number of images in a single run. Here is a way you can use apps like these.

Step 1: Download and install Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp.

Step 2: Launch the app and tap on the head of 'Doctor Kleen' at the bottom of the screen. With this, the app will automatically start analyzing your WhatsApp photos and videos for junk.

Step 3: When the analysis is complete, you can find the list of identified junk files grouped under different categories. De-select the ones you choose to keep, and then click Delete.

WCleaner for WA

As the name suggests, this app is devoted to WhatsApp. It not only deletes photos but also deletes all downloaded files from WhatsApp.

With WCleaner for WA, you'll get the option for deleting all, selected files by tapping, and files received before a certain date.

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Remo Cleaner for WhatsApp

This app enables you to clean files separated into three categories: images, audio files, and video files. Unlike other software, it offers you to listen or preview a file before deleting. The removal takes place under  three options - deleting a single file, deleting all files, or deleting selected files in a particular category.

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Media Cleaner for WhatsApp

Alike Siftr Magic, this app too is AI-powered and runs on a unique algorithm. It analyses junk files, images, voice recordings, videos and identifies them. This app too needs internet connection to work like Siftr Magic.

When it comes to deleting, it offers the options for clearing junk files in a single go. Alternatively, you can also remove selected media files. You also get the option to mark a few files as important so that they are not deleted accidentally.


WhatsApp Cleaner & Manager

This tool cleans and manages unwanted WhatsApp files and saves space on your device. By deleting junk images, videos, audios, this app saves you from the nightmares of smartphone space consumption.

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