8 Hidden WhatsApp Tricks That Every User Should Know [iPhone and Android]

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Whatsapp is the most commonly used apps for messaging and even for calls sometime in all the mobile platforms including Android, iOS, Windows and others. It uses the Internet to send text messages, images, video, user location and audio media messages to other users using standard cellular mobile numbers.

8 Hidden WhatsApp Tricks That Every User Should Know

As of September 2015, Whatsapp has a base of 900 million making it a most used messaging apps in the market. Lets have a look at the 8 most useful tips and tricks for Whatsapp.

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Tips and tricks #1

Widely known as WhatSim can connect to 400 mobile networks across 150 countries allowing you to stay in touch with your friends. This SIM will cost you around $11.60 (approx Rs. 773)

Tips and tricks #2

You can get your Whatsapp notifications in the desktop also by installing a Chrome plugin. It will alert you when even if the browser is closed.

Tips and tricks #3

Apple has update iOS 8 with a Quick reply feature, which you can enable it for Whatsapp also.

Tips and tricks #4

Do you want to add shortcuts for your contacts in Whatsapp? 'Shortcut for WhatsApp Plus' will allow you to pin your favorite contacts to Notification Center. For Android users, tap and hold the contact, while it show you the option "Add conversation shortcut". Tap that option to get the shortcut.

Tips and tricks #5

Basically, you can't send more than 10 photos at a go in whatsapp. To avoid this install WhatsApp Unlimited Media, which allows you to send unlimited photos to any of your IM buddies on your WhatsApp chat list.

Tips and tricks #6

On WhatsApp for iOS, navigate to Settings > Chat Settings > and disable the "Save Incoming Media" option.

Tips and tricks #7

Now it is easy to change the whatsapp number in your mobile,eventhough it is iOS or Android!

iOS: Settings > Account > Change Number
Android: Menu Button > Settings > Account > Change Number.


Tips and tricks #8

To disable the Last seen in your Whatsapp account head into Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen, and select ‘Nobody'

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