Best apps to stop procrastinating your work

Now stop procrastinating your work With These Apps

    In our day to day life, the opportunity for procrastination is endless like a god. Amidst a lot of distraction around us, it is indeed difficult to concentrate on our work, which leads to procrastinating. However, it doesn't have to be that way all the time. Always try to stay focused and concentrate on work which can take to higher levels in life.

    Best apps to stop procrastinating your work

    In an attempt to block out the distractions in your life, we have compiled a list 5 apps that you can use it to your advantage when you feel like procrastinating.


    This app comes handy when you want to block all your distracting sites. The Selfcontrol app lets you define a website blacklist and a timeframe for that site. Even if you try to remove the app or restart the system, the program won't stop until the end time.


    In our daily smartphone life, we come across lots of app updates, which might ruin our focus sometimes. This appdetox app helps you to calm down your mobile app usage, and take a digital detox. Every time when you violate one of your own rules, this app will remind you to take a break and stop your heavy app usage.

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    At times you will be overwhelmed to see the long to-do list and ends up doing nothing. However, the Squawk app allows you to easily stay on track for day-to-day tasks, something that traditional to-do list apps fail to deal with. You can also set the app to be active only during a certain date & time range for things that require more precise notification.


    Generally, we tend to procrastinate when the work needs to be done is rather huge. In this case, it will help you get to sort out the list of issues and advice for overcoming your particular barrier. It will also prompt you to break your project into single tasks and choose a reward for each.

    Procrastination Punisher

    Procrastination Punisher lets you disable certain apps for certain time frames. Sometimes, if you break the rules, you will have to donate an amount you yourself can specify per app to a charity of your choice. Give Procrastination Punisher a try and increase your productivity and/or the good you do to the world.

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