6 Easy to Use and Free Apps That'll Make Your Teamwork More Effective

Must-have apps for better teamwork!

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Online collaboration is something that's very important for any team. In fact, we at GizBot too collaborate online as we manage to work together from different parts of the country.

6 Easy to Use and Free Apps That'll Make Your Teamwork More Effective

To collaborate effectively and work together without any glitches, we need some online collaboration tools and these tools play an important role in keeping up the team spirit. These days, the trend of working remotely has increased to a great extent that many companies and teams are working from different parts of the world.

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But, keep in mind that switching from the usual workflow to an expensive and complex project management software is something that is pretty tough for everyone in the team. In that case, free and easy to use tools will be preferred by the members of the team. Keeping this in mind, we at GizBot have come up with a slew of 10 online collaborations tools or apps that you can use to retain your teamwork and team spirit despite the geographical separation.

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Dropbox is a software that lets users to access all the files, documents, photos, videos, and more from one place. Its pretty common for people to use multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. With Dropbox, all the files that are stored on one device can be accessed from any other device as this app is compatible with all the popular platforms and also has native apps for most operating systems. The best thing is that Dropbox can also be access from any internet browser.

You can create shared folders that will appear in all the computer of all the members of your team. This way, the files that are added to these folders can be accessed by any one in the team with the access to these folders.

Download Dropbox for Android, iOS



Slack is one of the best and most effective ways that the teams can use to communicate with one another or the team as a whole. Slack is as simple as a chat client that is on steroids. This toll lets you segregate all the conversations into the respective channels, it also lets you integrate a lot of services and more. There is an array of possible software tools that can be integrated with slack. For instance, IFTTT can be integrated with Slack for awesome automated action. Also, the images you share with your team on Slack appears in high resolution without losing the clarity as in the case of many other widely used tools.

Download Slack for Android, iOS



Trello is a card-based system that is quite unique from the other collaboration tools that are available right now. It helps you keep your project overview pretty simple. You have the freedom to create custom columns and cards as per your preferences to assign individual tasks and keep them organized. The tasks will be added as a card to the column. You can also add comments to the cards, assign people to the task and do a lot more with Trello.

Download Trello for Android, iOS


Skype is the ideal tool for all things. It provides the best quality when it comes to the free tools available in the market. Moreover, the recent updates to Skype have made the tool simple that the apps meant for mobile devices will not consume a lot of the data when you are using Skype on the go. With Skype, you can make team activity such as remote video calls, group chats, etc. It is a great tool to carry out teamwork without any glitches.

Download Skype for Android, iOS


Google Drive

Sometimes, when it comes to teamwork, there could be a necessity for two or more people to work on a single document at the same time. This requirement is handled pretty well by Google Drive. You can use the tool to create online presentations, documents, and spreadsheets. All you need to do is just create a document and share the link fo the same with the rest of the team members. This way, you all can edit the document simultaneously in live-mode. For many organizations, Google Drive will be the best on the go content creation and management tool. Moreover, this app or web client gives a history of changes that were made to the documents by the members who have access to it, and all this comes for free.

Download Google Docs for Android, iOS

Google Hangouts

Unlike Skype, Google Hangouts gives you the freedom to video conference with up to 100 people without paying a penny. The latest iteration of this app keeps all communications synchronized in a single place. It is a widely used client for team-related communication in the business world. The main reason that this client is used widely is because it integrates Gmail as well. 

Download Google Hangouts for Android, iOS

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