Here are 5 Features Most Indians Wish Facebook Had! Do You Agree?

Facebook has released several new features, but here are 5 features that most Indian Facebook users expect for, very soon.

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Facebook has rolled out several new features this year making life easy for the users and the social media platform more interesting, also a few for its mobile app users. The most widely used social media has improved the user interface by introducing several interesting features, well it also released some unnecessary features as well.

Here are 5 Features Most Indians Wish Facebook Had! Do You Agree?

As 2016 is almost about to end, it can be concluded that it was quite a great year for the social media platforms, especially Facebook as it launched several new features, making it way more interesting and interactive.

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Well, there are a lot of features that most Facebook users wish they had, however, there are no sign of it as of yet. Let us know if you wish for a feature that Facebook had, other than the following ones.

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Facebook Chat Should be End-to-End Encrypted

Well, Facebook had recently introduced the secret conversation option, where the user can chat with friends secretly, and there will be no records of it.

However, the user is required to enable the option every time separately for different users. Well, making all the chat end-to-end encrypted can make things much safer.

Know Who Visits Your Profiles

Facebook notifies the users when some follow them, well there are a lot of friends who may be spying on them and their activities almost every minute. How about you are notified of who's spying on you or visiting you account?

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Permission to Downloaded Pictures

It often happens that someone might download your pictures you post of Facebook without your permission and may misuse it. Well, having a feature that asks for the user's permission before someone downloads your picture can solve the issue.

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Separate Download Video Option on Facebook

All the latest videos that you wish to watch first hits Facebook for promotion, and we often would like to download them to our devices, but there's still no separate download option for the Facebook users.

So, introducing a new one can solve the problem and improve user engagement on the video.

Group Video Call?

Facebook, like that of WhatsApp, has introduced its video call feature long ago, however, as Facebook is a good platform to connect to long distanced friends and family, people often prefer group chats on the platform.

Well, what about introducing a new group video call features?

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