Hike Messenger Now Supports Video Calling: Gives Competition to WhatsApp

Just like Google Duo and Skype, recently WhatsApp and Hike Messenger have introduced the video calling feature.

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It has been just a day since WhatsApp rolled out its much-anticipated video calling feature for Android and iOS. Today, WhatsApp's competitor Hike Messenger also added this feature in its interface.

Hike Messenger Now Supports Video Calling

But we can easily say Hike is running faster in this race. Why we say this, because while WhatsApp video calling is currently limited only to beta testers, Hike Messenger has already crossed the testing stage.

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This time Hike Messenger has released this video calling feature for all its users. Since last year September, Hike Messenger has been testing this feature with a select focus group.

Hike Messenger Now Supports Video Calling

The Indian IM company has made this feature compatible with various network conditions including those on 2G network. Currently, the feature is going to be available only to Android users. Howbeit, iOS users too are expected to get the update soon.

In order to get the video calling feature, Android users are required to follow these steps-

Step 1. Download the updated Hike Messenger or update your existing Hike Messenger app if you haven't updated it since September.

Step 2. Select the chat thread of a friend you want to connect with.

Step 3. Tap on the call button on the top right.

Step 4. you'll be further prompted to select voice or video. Select Video to start off your call.

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